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Can someone suggest a brand name for a sports tower?Namely sports being football.It must be a unique name.?

The name for the sports tower is for a very big sports city.Awaiting for an answer ASAP.

Can someone suggest a brand name for a sports tower?Namely sports being football.It must be a unique name.?
How about naming it after a former president or local hero? I don't like things being named after commercial enterprises.

What is in your opinion a weird, too unique name?

Something like Dextrah for a girl...

Maalik for a boy....

What is in your opinion a weird, too unique name?
I have heard some silly ones. Like Bluebell Madonna, 2 girls that were named, Anita Bra and Iona Bra. Some twins named Denim and Indigo. Hmm, I read about some crazy ones the other day but I dont remember where I found them at.
Reply:those names are very unique but a kid will be totrured for having them i mean who names a kid something like that maybe vary them a little like Dexie or Maly neither of my names are much better but please dont torture your kid
Reply:Any name that other children can use as a means of humiliation or ridicule is too weird.

Think for a moment if YOU could have tolerated having such a name when you were too small to do much about being teased and tormented about it.

People who name their children "goofy" should be arrested for child abuse.
Reply:dextrah sounds too much like the diet pills

maalik is good but spelling may be a problem for the child
Reply:Dextrah sounds like a prescription drug you see commercials for on TV for erectile dysfunction or depression
Reply:i hate names that are supposed to be funny...

for example, i knew a woman named Anita Friend.

a guy in my high school was named Robert Robertson.

a girl in my fiance's mom's high school was named Crystal Chanda Lear.

Reply:Dextrah - sounds like a Rx drug - not good.

Maalik - is okay
Reply:Dextrah is weird-- but Malik doesn't seem too weird to me.

I like unique names, just not names like "Quinstallion"-- I know a girl w/ that name.
Reply:I have alot of friends with wierd names (last names will not be posted). But I think these are over the top even if their my friends.

The pronunciations will be tp the right

Tatshyana Komieshal (ta-shi-ana) (ko-me-shi-al)

Jameisha Quenyetta (Ja-me-sha) (Quen-yet-ta)

Shanae Quanshyla (sha-nay) (Quan-shae-la)

Shonta Dasheena (shon-tae) (Da-she-na)

Onesty Myrita (On-es-ty) (My-re-ta)

Shadadren Chankara (sha-day-dren) (Chain-car-a)
Reply:i think names should be different from joe, sue, and so on... My girls names are Emberlynn shes 3 and has no problem spelling it and Erralynn whos 4 months and everybody thinks they are so cute
Reply:I agree with you on those. For some reason people don't think Maalik is weird nowadays (but really ... the spell checker is suggesting MAALOX right now; is that what you want your kid's name to always get printed as?). It's still not a good name.

The weirdest girl name I've ever heard is Balanish. I use it for every one of the 'weird name' questions ... but it is! It sounds like an exotic deli meat.

The weirdest boy's name I've heard is Antrim Zeezrom. That was his whole first name. I didn't have the heart to ask his middle name or his last ... after he told me that whole thing was his first name ... I had to walk away to keep from laughing in his face.

The strangest girls name I've heard (after Balanish) isn't even made up, at least not really. This was a mom who'd husband had run out when she was pregnant with their second child. The first one, a boy, was named Dale Jr. So she named the second one Young Elizabeth, after herself, of course.
Reply:I like unique names, mine is amanda and I grew up with 3 cousins the same age with the same name! and unfortunatly my son Zachary has to go through the same thing, so I named my daughter Tymber and my youngest son Xavier, there are still kids around with those names, but not in their classes so we're ok.
Reply:i really hope you or someone you know isn't planning on using those names for a kid ow how awfull you can barely even prononce them
Reply:I like Alijah for a boy and Aiyanna for a girl. Alijah is kind of a unique name because of Elijah but the spelling is very unique and Aiyanna I think is unique. I really like it.
Reply:Dextrah? I'm sorry no I do not like it. It sounds almost like a birth control pill or something. However it is very very unique.

Maalik its ok but for some reason I feel like ive heard that name a thousand times before, even though I know I haven't.
Reply:My name is Zelina... pronounced.. zaLEENa MANY people love it.. most people dont have the nerve to name their child that. I wouldnt change it if I could though. I like being different. My nick names are Z, and Zena.

Good Luck!
Reply:I don't like them. Sorry
Reply:I have the most common name for my generation and have always hated it. I really wanted to give my kids really unique names, but I had to factor in my husband's opinion, too. and then you have to think of every possibile taunt they would get with that name. i have a friend named Phillip Herrschaft... and that's not a kind thing to do to a kid. read the name again slowly, yeah. remember you might think the name is cool, but they are the ones that have to live with it forever (or until they disown you and change their name).
Reply:My daughters name is Heike (pronounced High-Kah). I think it is different but not weird.
Reply:My friend knows a couple that named their ninth child Just Another. How rude is that, poor kid!?!

I definitely like unique names, but ones that others can pronounce and spell. It seems like older names are back in style again, but with a twist. For example, I have a little cousin named Edythe and another named Eleanor, but we call them Edie and Ellie.
Reply:I don't like Dextrah But I like Maalik.

Yeah they're kind weird but unique.
Reply:The weirdest one I've ever seen is: Aquanetta

Why name your kid after hairspray? I don't get it.
Reply:The little girl across the street from me growing up was Kandi Kane.
Reply:Well how about the name Regale for a girl? Regale is a term in the dictionary that means regal. I heard it from someone once and thought it would be a nice girl's name.

For a boy I like the name Kaleo. It means something in Greek, but I forget what!

Other different names might be:

Kamen Stella (it's just an older name you don't

hear much)

Rolly Saphirra

Caden Haven

Cyrus Rodela (totally made that one up)
Reply:My 3 yr old's name is Amazza Sue.

And no, I can't find it on a bike plate, but there are plenty of places to have custom made stuff.

If you like a name, pick it.
Reply:Moon Unit and Dweezil Zappa.

Do your kid a favor; give them a real name. If you can't find the name on the display of plastic license plates for bikes at Wal-Mart, pick another name.
Reply:Honestly, those names are horrible. I have always liked Kitiana (pronounced kitty-anna) for a girl and Shaid (pronounced shade) for a boy.
Reply:Xan Douglas

Adragon Tala

Sean Kenneth

Tayen Leigh

Landry Tate

Leigh Tallis, Tallis Leigh

Jack Turner

Jamye Kathryn, Jamye Clementine

Paul Jameson

Quinn Colleen

Troy Landry

Jasmine Meadow

Tanner Lenno

Lavender Greenlee

Thatcher Levi

Ty Avalon

Tyler Lathan

Axana Parker

Jamen Victor

KayAnna Jaye

Dean Patrick

Onnen Gabrielle

Declan Gabriel

Kia Lenae
Reply:rilya it meane Remember I Love You Always
Reply:i wierd name would be Feme( i dont if thats spelt right) my great aunt was name that she dutch and same with my great uncle Frtiz there not really wierd differnt you no what i mean

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What are some options for a classy and unique name for a girl?

first and middle.

What are some options for a classy and unique name for a girl?
Josephine Lucille

Frances Elizabeth

Jocelyn Mae

Nora Danielle
Reply:These are names I like...



















Damara or Damaris







Jalena - Julena - Jelena




Mayra - Mayla - Maylee


Mikaela - Mikenna - Mikenley - Mikyla - Mikylee



















Sophie - Sophia

Shaylee - Shayla - Shayna

Sahara - Samara

Talya - Talia






Favorites: Talya and Caliana for Girls
Reply:Okay well my name is Mary Katherine... Mary is not unique but you could pair Katherine with Ava and do Ava Katherine..... that gives you a BEAUTIFUL name. Also, I love Eleanor Claire.... Eleanor is classic and reminds me of a strong beautiful woman and you dont really hear a lot of people using Claire anymore either! Hope this helped!
Reply:Classy names tend to be more traditional names verses trendy names, so look to the classics: Elizabeth, Ava, Katharine. Also try the social security website and look up the most popular names from another date, say 1950, or so. That might give you some classic/formal names. Alot more people are choosing very trendy baby names (hence the other responses) so a classic name would also be a little unique as well. But please do everyone a favor and DO NOT name your daughter Sophie or Sophia...if I meet one more little girl named that I will scream!!
Reply:How about:

Rellah Mylene

Rowan Ivy

Arwen Elise

Hope this helps = )
Reply:Anna Paige

Olivia Hope

Abigail Paige

Mariah Lynn
Reply:Sophia Eden

Helena Diane

Charmane Brianna

Faline Sienna

Sohnna Cheyenne
Reply:Neveah Aleece or Vinnae Aleece or Jada Rebecca (thats my name)
Reply:Angelique Christine
Reply:kyndra dawn


ashliegh nycole/nicole


destiny camille/camile
Reply:Ayola - pronounced: Ah-YO-lah means Joy
Reply:You can use my username...Sephora Moon ;)

(phonetically it sounds like...Sefora)
Reply:Kiara Lynette

Monica Rose
Reply:Ava Jane. It's Beautiful!

Does anyone have any ideas for a creative & unique name for a bakeshop?

How about 'CREPES and CAKES"?

Does anyone have any ideas for a creative %26amp; unique name for a bakeshop?
Reply:Bun-on-the Run
Reply:Eat My Muffin
Reply:"Sweet Strudel"
Reply:Yum Yum Buns LOL O MAN I SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:More information would be helpful for anyone wishing to suggest anything.

Some guides for you to develop something on your own.

What kinds of products will you specialize in?

What do you like?

What message do you want to send to potential customers? i.e. freshness, sweet, taste, flavor, etc.

But here are some random suggestions off the top of my head...

Looky, We have Cookies


We Have Pie!!

Get Baked!

Better Batter Bakers(and you could have a baseball theme going on with your logo)

Fresh Outta

Tasty Pastry

The Lovin' Oven Bakeshop

Sweetcake's Tastyshop

Sweetie-pie's Bakery


It all depends what the shop specializes in. I used to part own a bakery
Reply:what sort of bakery cakes -wedding cakes and bread or.....


plus its quirky, it stands out it work with the mind like that Shellie's wheels car insurce advert
Reply:*your names* *your suburb*'s bakery shop! and in little writing at the bottom a cool little slogan
Reply:I like "Daily Bread." Or if you have coffee too it could be called "The Daily Grind." Also like "Sweets and Treats"...."Sugar Roll".... "Grandma's"....
Reply:Lucky Cakes

The Sugar Shack

The Gingerbread House

The Rolling Pin

Incredibly Baked

The Goody Shoppe

Patty-Cake Bakery

Any ideas on a unique but catchy name for a lawnmowing business?

My son wants to start a lawnmowing business, but can't think of a name. Any suggestions for a "catchy" business name?

Thanks in advance!

Any ideas on a unique but catchy name for a lawnmowing business?
Greener Grass Mowers
Reply:This is a great article about - How to Select a Company or Product Name -

The article has some good advice on how to research names, and what to becareful of.

Here are some tips on selecting a domain name

Should get you started!

Best of luck
Reply:Leaf It To Us

The Grass Is Always Greener

Organic Lawns

Best Lawns On The Block

Manicured Lawns

best of luck!
Reply:Turf Engineers.
Reply:A perfect cut. :)

I have a BOXER puppy his name is RINGO.. I am looking for a unique name for his AKC papers. Any Ideas?

By the Way, He is a Male. flashy fawn

I have a BOXER puppy his name is RINGO.. I am looking for a unique name for his AKC papers. Any Ideas?
How about Flightyfeather 's(or whatever your surname is) Burning Ring 'o Fire?
Reply:Kennel name can't buy me love
Reply:The Greatest Circus on Earth

Big Apple

Ringmaster the Great

I Heart New York

Random suggestions.
Reply:i like using comic character names something from Asterix the Gaul would work because the were larger than life character's just like all boxers - a breed apart.
Reply:Starr light Starr Bright. Starr is Ringos last name. or

The north Starr.
Reply:You should register him as ____(insert your name) cute little Ringo. The breeder that i got my pomeranian from registered my pom puppies dad as "Mathews Sexy little Chevy" i thought that was funny.
Reply:Sir Ringo flashy fawn???
Reply:How bout Rigamortis? haha. just kidding...

I like the name Ringo Fire, (like ring of fire)
Reply:[Your Name]'s Ring-o-Round the Rosie?

I like the Ring O Fire someone mentioned earlier too.

[Your Name]'s Ring The Bell And Run ?

Of course, you don't NEED the Ringo to be part of his paper name... my dog is registered as WS Midsummer Night's Dream, but I call him Shakespeare. :-) You could keep a theme going, or just make up a totally random registered name that has nothing to do with Ringo.

Do you know his parent's names? Many people use the parents names or kennel names as part of their pups registered name.
Reply:Little Drummer Boy

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Suggest unique name for engineering company which is starting from alphabate A?

Aucmen Engineering I think this name would stand out best.